Saturday, May 26, 2007

George Jowett: Why He's My Favorite Physical Culturist

I have a copy of "The Key to Might and Muscle" that Mr. Jowett wrote in 1926. I bought it about a year ago and I may have read it three or four times. I've read several of the chapters dozens of times. It would be safe to say that it's my favorite book ever written about exercise and Jowett is my favorite author and physical culturists ever. Although he was primarily a weight lifter, I have immense respect for his input on physical fitness because he was one of the very few men who have written on the subject that realized that the mind and the body were of equal importance and one didn't deserve to be developed more than the other. As a whole, the human expericence was so much more rich, fullfilling, and capable when life was lived with mind and body equally well-developed.

My respect and admiration of the man doesn't stop there. He was a religious man who was saw god in himself. Realizing this, that piece of the divine doesn't deserve to linger through life in a weak body. It demands a healthy, strong and capable one. Think about it: If you were to realize that god lives within you, can you make lifestyle choices that you KNOW will harm your body if something so wonderful and perfect exsisted within it?

Since Jowett was adamant about developing the mind and body equally, he demanded that his students develop a strong mind-body connection when exercising. This key to properly developing the body is so sadly neglected these days that it's hard to determine if Jowett was ahead of his time or has the world fallen behind Jowett's time. Jowett had it right either way. Some of his feats of strength probably stand the test of time. I'd love to see a man his weight today replicate his anvil stunt.

He may have been a weight lifter but his teachings translate well into what I do for exercise. He may well have been one of best of the old days. What he wrote about is timeless in its truthfullness. He was a magnificent writer, selfess in his brilliance, and a remarkable human being. The world was blessed to have him and he did right by physical culture.

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