Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bacon, Eggs, and Self Mastery

Recently, at someone asked if they were going to screw themselves by eating bacon and eggs one Saturday a week (or every other week, depending) would be a detriment to his overall physical fitness picture. Another grouchy, orangutan-looking freak (yes, he is a friend of mine) responded by saying what so many miss when it comes to getting in shape and staying there: Experiment! Look for answers within yourself.

While all of our bodies are arranged in a similiar pattern, we're all very unique and different. Our bodies respond a little differently to stimulus, good or bad. For example, we all know that french fries aren't healthy. I could easily eat them for lunch or dinner for two days in a row and not gain an ounce. I have a friend who after two childern tried the same stunt and her jeans tightened up noticably on the third day.

This just demonstrates the need to look for the answers to such questions within yourself and not to someone else. You're built with subtle variations that others may not have. You will respond differently to stimulus differently than others. So, don't expect the same results. Don't wait for someone to tell you what you can already observe for yourself. This is why self-mastery is so important in your quest to become fit, healthy and strong.


Anonymous said...

Orangutang?? Are you saying I look like Clyde from Any Which Way but Loose? Hmmm...might be an improvement. Justin, can I eat a slice of bacon today? Pretty please? Or will I lose my girlish figure?

Justin_PS said...

So, now you're actually going to respond to Orangutang, Josh? HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Nah, you won't lose your girlish figure. The key word is GIRLISH!

Seriously, I hope you're doing well in Colorado. Miss hearing from you!

Go Yankees,