Saturday, August 2, 2008

When is it too late to get in shape?

Among the many things that I lose track of as I try to keep myself in good shape is how people can't get into shape because of some particular circumstance that just doesn't allow them to get there. I'm not going to deny that we all lead different lives and each of our lives presents a different set of hurdles of varying difficulties. Hurdles can be jumped and I have nothing but respect for those who do.

One of those hurdles is pregnancy. It's no secret that losing weight and staying shape after having children is a tall order. The physical changes to a woman's body combined with the long hours and constant attention that kids can be a death sentence for a program of physical training. I don't have kids yet but I've had newborns living with me for long stretches of time. It's a labor of love, emphasis on labor. Still, it can be done and Michelle Berger did it (issues with the blog, copy and paste the link)...

Getting into shape once you're older and been out of shape is high up on the list of life circumstance that spells doom for getting back into good shape. This guy did it so well that I think he was put on a Wheaties box along the way.

Then there is the question of maintaining motivation. Apparently that slips with time too. We accept the fact that as we get old, we'll lose energy and motivation. Someone forgot to tell this guy...

If you haven't gotten the idea yet that the time to get into shape isn't as limited as you think it is, I don't know what will convince you. I've said it a dozen times: it's about your mindset. It's about how bad you want it and if it's really worth it to you. I hope it is because there's no reason to accept the inevitability of a long, slow and painful physical decline into death. The body is capable of repairing itself to a point that will boggle the minds of experts for as long as humans exist. There's still time, make the most of it.

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