Saturday, February 14, 2009

Playing with My Balls

I came across a really neat web site not too long ago that made custom made strength training equipment. They have a hardcore attitude that I identify with and they take bodyweight strength training pretty seriously. They had some very neat gear that I just had to have. Unfortunately, this stuff was HORRIBLY overpriced, especially considering how easy it was to make. So, I did the dignified thing and copycatted both of them.

The two that caught my attention both had one thing in common: they used balls. What I've learned from these two items are that using balls in your training is a sure way to make anything more difficult. Using round gear is far from new in my routine. I've used medicine balls, BOSU balls, and Swiss balls. They all make the time training delightfully torturous. I guess the newness of this gear really just revives my interest in the wonders of the sphere in strength training.

This is the first piece of gear that I crafted in the past two weeks.

These are brutal on the grip, particularly the muscles that control the thumb. I wasn't used to this grip when doing my pull-ups. They're larger in diameter and more awkward than a bar. Plus, I've been able to try out a new pull-up. With the balls, I'm allowed to turn my palm away from my shoulder execute the pull-up. This variation hammers the deltoids like no other pull or chin that I've tried to date.

Here it is...

The second set of balls that I'm playing with are these.

You can use these much like an ab wheel. The difference between this and an ab wheel are stunning. It's not simply that they require each side of your body to fend for itself. Since they can roll in any direction (as opposed to back and forth) stabilizing these things is even more difficult. Plus, you can do chest flies or combine the chest fly with an ab roll-out for a very unique exercise.

Now, it would have cost me around $200.00 to buy these two items. I suppose when Dave Draper thinks your gear is cool, you can charge a fortune! I probably made them for less than $30.00. They were well worth it! It's amazing how much hard fun that you can have when you try!


Anonymous said...

wow! Those are some cool home made equipments you have there!
Btw, I am trying to reach you through pm's....


-Workout Warrior

Brian said...

Those are good ideas.

You are looking great! Keep up what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

What website was that and can you post how you made them, thanks.