Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Three Years Old

So, three years ago today, I was sitting at my computer, reading a friend's blog and thinking to myself that, "I could do this." So, I started punching away at the keys and three years later, surprisingly, I'm still at it. I didn't really think that I'd keep this going as long as I have. Most bloggers stop after a year or so. What can I say? I enjoy doing this and I always have something to say about my training. Plus, I've got a fair amount of people who value what I have to say.

Back then, I was a 100% Bodyweight-only trainer. Now, I train pretty regularly with some king of weight for resistance but I'd say that 65% of my training is still BW stuff. Even with the inclusion of weights into my routines, I still think that BW is the best way to train. The reasons haven't changed from the reasons three years ago: it's the best way to train on the road, regardless of where I end up. It doesn't require too much, if any, equipment to work with.

Considerations like that too often don't figure into people's decision-making when they decide to train. They don't think about how practical this will be to implement and continue with in their lives. Far too often, modalities their practitioners have a way of having a, "my way or the highway," mentality towards keeping in shape.

If I can't get to a gym, I can't train

If I don't have a barbell, a power rack, and at least 400 lbs of weights, I can't train.

In that regard, Bodyweight-based strength training has enormous potential for those who are serious about always having a way to train, get strong, and stay healthy. It's minimalism is suited for the traveler, anyone on a budget, or the hardcore minimalist. That minimalism bleeds over to the times where I use weights to train. I don't use much fancy equipment when I go for weighted exercises. I have one 16 KG kettlebell and a nice set of dumbbells that my dad gave me for Christmas but the weights that I use most often are my tool backpack (more on that in the future) and rocks.

BW strength training just needs more of a shot of creativity. There's too much of the notion that the only progression in BW is more and more repetitions. This notion limits BW's effectiveness for training and keeps those who are serious about being comprehensively strong from using it as much. What I've always tried to do was to show that there are indeed ways of making BW much, much harder to do while not using a set-up that is so specialized, and expensive, that my readers couldn't do themselves. I want this to be the place where you can get an idea, push away from the keyboard, and start training immediately, if you so choose.

So far, it's been a winning combination. I thank everyone for stopping by over the past three years. I'm appreciate it and as long as you keep reading, I'll keep writing!


Lancelot said...

Your blog is great and i have always been a bodyweight training guy. I had bad training experiences with weights where i injured myself, and moreover with BW exercises, i can do them anytime anywhere.

Great Blog and keep up the good work!


Kevin said...

Happy birthday to The Bodyweight Files! Been a regular here since stumbling upon the blog roughly a year ago. I can always count on BW files for some inspiration for those lazy days! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog a few weeks ago and am immensely enjoying reading through all the postings from the last 3 years. You've already helped to change my mentality from "I need to lift more and more forever" to "I need to lift for health". The only thing I do with weights now is the squat and deadlift, everything else is bodyweight. Your blog is great! Thanks!

Laura said...

Happy birthday to your blog :)

jon C (mtguy) said...

Happpy birthday/anniversary I always enjoy your blog Justin

pierini said...

Happy birthday Justin from one blogger to the other.

I enjoy visiting The Bodyweight Files, not only for the knowledge and anecdotal evidence you share which is excellent, but also to enjoy your writing style. As a blogger, I find myself much more interested in how others use the written word to express their feelings, knowledge and thoughts and you excel in theat department.

With regard to bodyweight-only training, something that I did exclusively for three years and achieved excellent results, I agree with your statements in today's blogflection. As one who gravitated toward the "iron" a couple years ago and current prefer it over BW-training, I believe mixing and matching the two is the best of both worlds.

Best to you as your enter your 4th year in the fascinating world of cyber-blog land and may God bless you and your wife with good faith, fitness, fortune and health. I hope we have an opportunity to hook up the next time you are in Sacramento.

Have a great day my cyberspace son just for fun!

Iron Claw said...

Great blog! I have been a regular the last 6-7 months. Keep up the good work!

Jeremy Elder said...

Congrats! I read your articles all the time and keep coming back for more - keep it up!

Tommy said...

what kinds of weighted exercises do you put in your deck of cards?