Sunday, April 25, 2010

Soft-Core Critics

I'm going to start out this post with a disclaimer: This might be one of my more childish posts that stems from some internet flaming that goes on between two forums that I frequent from time-to-time. If you look at things like this and think that it's a waste of time, then you might want to skip this one.

That said, I have critics, like just about everyone who puts their thoughts and opinions out on the internet for everyone to see. Personally, I don't like people who talk about fitness, health and strength training who won't prove that they know what they're talking about. So, I throw up pictures and videos with two intentions in mind: to educate or show a move and to prove that I'm in good shape. I think that it's part of the proof that what I'm saying works. So, criticism about my ideas doesn't bother me too much.

When someone degrades my abilities, I have to admit that it does get to me a little. We probably say that we don't care what people think about us but let's face it: most of us do. I don't like being told that I'm that I'm incapable of doing things. I can't stand being cut short. That's one thing that irritates me. It also motivates me too.

Okay, this is where the childish flaming comes in...

T_______ics forum has one dude who thinks that he's awesome at rope climbing, posting videos of his climbs. The funny part is, he exaggerates his climbs in every video, claiming he L-sits during the climb (which he only does part of the climb, and in a very half-assed manner) or claiming the rope is much longer than it really is. His buddy lays down a claim that the members of the WEC forum couldn't possibly do rope climbing and that's why they ridicule.

Well, I guess that includes me. Apparently, I can't climb rope either. Here's what I have to say to that...

Still, my critics weren't done. A lot of you probably know of my Handstand Push-up Video, where I did a set of five HSPU's on my homeade set of T-handles. Just in case you missed it, here it is again...

Well, that wasn't good enough, as far as they were concerned. You see, the owner of the web site hocks a set of T Handles as well. They have a longer stilt than the ones that I used for that video and they feature a "rounded" foot. These same jokers insisted that I couldn't have done HSPU's on their T-Handles (which, I might add, are nothing more than a Carriage bolt, a piece of chain-link fence post-pipe, a couple of electircal knock-out plugs sold for an extremely-overpriced $50.00). Apparently, NOBODY can do HSPU's on their T's.
The blue one is the T-Handle that I used to do the original video. The black one is the all-powerful T that HSPU's can't be done on...

Maybe it shouldn't bother me and I should just disconnect from all of this bullshit but I have pet peeves, just like everyone else. Some things just get under my skin and I have a hard time turning away. When I go to forums to talk strength training and fitness, I want to see encouragement. Positive Attitude. If someone mentions that they want to lift a 50 ton crane, I want to find the best way to make the arms strong enough to do the lift. I don't want to hear that, "it's impossible!" This whole sub-culture revolves around positive attitude and, as Pauline Nordin says, discipling your dedication.

These guys aren't dedicated or discipilined. They're actually in mediocre shape. They're positive to the point where you start exceeding them. I've talked about this in the past: People like this are weak. They can't get past being mediocre and they try to tear down those who do. I know that people who read this blog do frequent that forum. My advice to you would be to find another place to post. Seek out people who push you to be the best you can be, regardless if you becme more awesome then they are. It's not easy to find on the internet but, believe me, it's worth it.


Anonymous said...


Those where all great feats of strength. I love your blog for one You are natural like myself,You have very good strength by doing bodyweights only and three you have a very good build all the things I strive for. So fuck the critics.I can't wait to finally heal completly from my tennis elbow so I can do pullups and rope climbs again. I also love to shut the critcs when someone sees me in a gym or at my home gym on my complex. I get are you a cop or in the milatary when I am doing twenty minute circuits non stop. Last year I went and got a two week membership at a gym. Like I said I don't look like much but there I was doing 125 one arm dummbel rows, l-sit pullups for reps I deadlifted 425 and on deadlift from smit machine I did 455 and failed at 475 and I don't do those exercises on a regular basis and I am 40 years old. So keep up the good work. I will be posting pictures on my blog and trying to get some clips up as well. Guys like us have to stick together.


Gman said...


gtlaau here

Justin your last two blog posts have been fantastic.

especially this one.

Impossible is Nothing !

Your doing a great job with your blog. and what a way to silence your critics.

congrats mate and keep the great blog thriving.


Justin_PS said...

Hey, thanks guys! One thing that I can't abide by is people who are phony on the internet because they can be. I get no joy out of being a liar or a hypocrite just because most of the people I talk to here I don't see face-to-face on a regular basis. If I can, I'll say it and prove it. If I can't, I have no problem admitting to it.

I hope every one of my readers sees eye-to-eye with me on that. I also hope that you all blow whatever goals that you have clear out of the water every time that you try. One thing about my critics that I also can't stand: they're encouraging only to the point where they're exceeded. I doubt I can deadlift 455 but if you can, that's great! The mark of a good person and a good teacher is the ability to let people become better than you, if it's meant to be.

John Cintron said...


I bet you can pull 405 with no problem. Why do I say this you are pulling up the rope very easily I don't know if I could do that second you have a very strong core look at that handstand on T-Pushups. Only one way to find out if you can or can't is if you ever get a chance to try go for it. I don't or have ever trained deadlifts much so if I can get over 405 I think you can as well.


Jeremy Elder said...

Dude, you are an ANIMAL. Those are amazing feats of strength. I am still getting the strength to do a normal pushup on T's...

I am sorry to hear about the criticism. As a member of that forum and a reader of your blog, I wish we could all just get along.

I find your sight very valuable for fitness advice and motivation, since you are definitely more fit that I. our blog is entertaining too. Keep fighting the good fight.

Vic said...

Great post Justin! I love the comment of Impossible is Nothing ! If you are able to and willing to work hard and dedicate yourself the sky is the limit.

Anonymous said...

Your knowledge of fitness is quite impressive. I enjoy reading your blog quite a bit. I would enjoy seeing you discuss yoga though as i'm an avid yogi and i'd love your opinion on it.

Anonymous said...

Good read, you are one of the REAL people on the net, even if I might not agree always, I respect your integrity and honesty. Keep up the good work. :D

Anonymous said...

haters abound. The Dude abides. enough said.

Dread said...

Battling bullshit claims with video evidence is great. Keep the fight going.

Mike said...

That's great! Now all you have to do to be more like Shen, Josh, and company is: make up screenames, harass a teenager by private messaging, make jokes about John beating up his wife (I'm sure you'd tolerate jokes about you beating your wife on your forum, huh Justin?), and make jokes about a guys wife's miscarriage. Then you'll be my new hero! I don't know what Josh does for you, but I hope you two are happy now. XOXOXO

Mike said...

I've never thought you to be weak minded, until now. Really, you felt the need to see what those guys thought before you made "your" decision on my comments. Who's got the cult again? Pathetic, it's like something JJ would do with JP. I suppose your resentment of JJ comes from your many similarities, and not your differences.

Justin_PS said...


First of all, you make the mistake that because I converse on their forum that I'm part of "them." I don't create other usernames (FYI, JJ did too), I gave that teenager help, I don't know what you're talking about wife beating, and I don't joke about miscarriages.

I do my own thing.

What I do know is that I don't like that way that I was treated by JP. I don't think it's right that he rips off other people's work and sells it as his own. I don't like how all of you downgraded my work. I certainly don't appreciate my privacy violated by passing around my phone number.

As far as being weak-minded, I think my work speaks for itself, and so does yours.

Mike said...

My mistake then Justin, I mistook your, “Should I...” as an act of subservience.

As for wife beating allegations, I personally saw one or more of those guys, post multiple posts about JP supposedly beating his wife, of course he/they did that under several different screen names, which is why JJ and GN are now moderators on that forum, and why they have to screen new people's postings. If they believe JP is a fraud, then they can post that on their own forum, but for these guys to attack his forum on a daily basis with their vile is far worse than 'thinking' someone couldn't complete a given exercise for x amount of reps. But that's just my opinion, I can understand why you take it so personally.

And to clarify, I don't think you're weak-minded, I think your decision to ask those guys for direction was a weak act.

I didn't know someone passed your number around, and if you can prove JP did that, then you should get a lawyer. Did any of the people who purposely conspire have your number? Because if they did I can easily see them spreading it, and then blaming JP. Oh wait, what I am thinking...those guys wouldn't purposely cause trouble.

John ripped off other people's work? How do I know that John learned exercises from McSweeney, Furey, Atlas, Liederman, etc... I believe it's because he credited his sources. Why didn't he credit Shen? Well I suppose it's because he didn't learn anything from him, but then again you can always rely on Shen the Grudge, and Trustworthy Bruv for your expert witness's on that. So then, I guess JP ripped off Shen, obviously by looking at their physiques, John ripped off Shen... And as for workout prescriptions, I've heard people complain that Ross ripped them off because his routines mirror their own. I think Ross does his thing, and any resemblance to others' work is coincidental, after all there are only so many exercises, and so many modalities to perform them. There's bound to be similarities.

As for your work compared to mine, you got me. See, 5 years ago my doctors discovered a growth near the base of my spine, and in the process of removing it, I became paralyzed below my waist, which then prompted my investigation of DVR's.

Anonymous said...


For the record,

What is with you guys naming names lately? You have really been on the warpath. Glad to see you are doing it in a public place now where the accused may defend.

As usual, your anger is misplaced.

This is Josh. Let's set the record straight. I never joked about miscarriages. I never made up a different screen name to harass anyone, much less a teenager. And certainly never alluded that John beats his wife. Hello?

And I do my own thing as well. You people try to project all sorts of things onto Justin and myself. I don't subscribe to group mentalities. I post where I want to and that is that. I am happy not to be affiliated with Transformetrics anymore. If you can't see how strange that place is, just ask the multitudes of people turned off by the close-minded rhetoric over there or banned for no apparent reason other than simply voicing another train of thought.


Justin_PS said...

Okay, guys, enough is enough! If you want to bicker about who-did-what-to-whom, there are forums for that. You all know where they are. I certainly do.

So, use them.

Or, better still, go train to do something awesome. Frankly, I'm going to reject anymore of this shit.

I just have to say this though: Special thanks to Josh for loaning me his T's. I appreciate it and don't be a stranger around here. I always value your input.

Anonymous said...

Hugely impressed with the rope climbing! I thought you were going to go up, then down, but you did it twice with excellent form. Very impressive feat.