Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Still had a good time.

Pipe Dope shouldn't be applied to a pipe couplings over 2" thick if you ever want them to come apart easily. I learned this a long time ago and drilled it into the heads of any guy that works with me (although after trying to do it once, one doesn't really need reminding). No matter what those who make pipe dope say, it always hardens. When it hardens, the fittings might as well be welded together because, too often, they'll break apart when you try to get them apart. That's exactly what happened when i tried to put two 4" diameter fittings apart about two weeks ago. The only problem was that when they broke apart, I was violently thrusting backwards on them with a pipe wrench. When the fitting shattered, I flew backwards very awkwardly, wrenching the hell out of my lower back.

If it wasn't for that, I might have enjoyed my time at Bodytribe Fitness a lot more.

It all started when I was told to rent a car and leave my pick-up truck at my job site in Sacramento the night before I was supposed to fly home. I got in touch with fellow ex-blogger and friend Pierini. I asked if he wouldn't mind giving me a lift up to my hotel so I could get my rental car that I had picked up from the airport and left at my hotel that morning. He went one better: he offered to bring me over to Bodytribe to meet the crew. I initially hesitated since I had to work with my lower back in excruciating pain for the past day and a half and I would be next-to-worthless for any kind of meaningful training. According to him, the crew was interested in meeting me and it was simply a meet and greet sorta thing. No training necessary.

This was a little strange to me. I guess I sort of used to that line between internet and real life not being crossed very often. I was wondering what their impression of me was, so far. We all say that we don't care how people see us but that's probably not true. I certainly don't want to be seen as a typical know-nothing internet tough guy by people that I respect. Plus, I'm not the typical strength trainer.I didn't start training like most other people did. I never got into any strength sports. I haven't been seriously involved in sports since middle school. I also don't have any real instruction in any of the lifts or the protocols surrounding them. I'm largely self-taught and I started out with BW and worked my way outwards. I'm knowledgeable, just not in the ways that most strength trainers are knowledgeable.

So, I agreed to go. I still wanted to check the place out. As soon as I walked in the door, I knew I was going to like this place. Pierini told me that this place was "different." This kind of different was awesome. No machines of any kind. No mirrors. It was clean and well kept but not polished and fake like most other gyms. It was real, and serious. There's lots of kettlebells, clubs & such, Atlas stones, free weights, and a couple of climbing ropes going up past the ceiling. I met Chip and he did EXACTLY what I thought he was going to do: he showed me his new Alpha Strong Sandbag. I admitted that I was wrong. That hurt. Still, that's a first-rate sandbag! He's a super nice guy too. The whole crew is, actually.

Pierini showed me around, introducing me to some of the ladies and gentlemen that train there. I did a lot of listening and looking. I talked a little bit about my training as a "Bodyweight Guy", my job, my training etc. I'm normally a little quiet when I first meet people so I listened a lot about their training. I was hiding my excitement. I REALLY wanted to do some training. I had to remind myself that the most painful part of my back was sitting and I had to fly cross-country the next day. They even offered to recommend a good chiropractor in town.

I could have stayed for much longer and chatted with the crew. As it turns out, Pierini, Chip and I have one thing in common: we all are the kind of people who do the 30 minute goodbyes (you know, you try to say goodbye but then proceed to talk for 30 more minutes). I still had work (ugh. Ouch!) to do and we hadn't even picked up my car yet at the hotel. So, we pulled some of the artwork off the wall and snapped a few pictures before saying goodbye. Overall, I was left with a still-burning urge to return. My project that brought me out to California is two parts. The next part starts in October. Hopefully, I'll get sent out there for that one. If I do, come hell, high water, or hideous work schedules I'm going back there to train. It's an awesome place filled with even more awesome people. If you're ever in the vicinity, you've got to check this place out!



Chip said...

We'd be thrilled if you made it our here again! Meeting fellow ambassadors of the physical culture in person is one of my favorite things, especially when they do good work. So we'll be waiting for you in october...hopefully you'll get a chance to come play. The art will be a little different (sorry about that... did you get to see the pictures with the 3D glasses?), and we might have more floor space by then, but the sanctuary will otherwise be the same. Thanks for coming by!!

pierini said...


You have a standing invitation with no expiration date to lodge in the VIP suite at the Pierini Palace whenever you are in Sacramento.

Looking forward to training with you at Bodytribe soon.

Take care and be safe!

Justin_PS said...

3D glasses??? You held out on me, Chip?????? Geeze, some friend!

Ed, hopefully my schedule will be less frantic and we can get together when I don't have so much to do. Once again, thanks for everything.

Proof here that there are at least two, somewhat-normal, good, and truthfully-strong guys on the internet.