Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shooting My Mouth Off

Okay, I thought my Tao entry was kind of neat but looking back on it, I think that I was taking myself too seriously with that title. Sure, I was copying T-Nation but really what I was doing was just firing off random comments about training in general with little or no elaboration.

My mind moves fast, sometimes too fast to come up with explanations. So, I thought I'd give it another go-around, this time with a more apt title, bearing in mind that I'm writing this with a painful knot in my upper back and possibly food poisoning.

So, with that in mind, here's my latest collection of fast, random thoughts on strength training and other, similar stuff...

-Never Take training advice from a guy with pretty hair. My former signature at Rosstraining is the best way to avoid prissy, pretty-boy douchbag training. Ross Enemait. Zach Even-Esh. Pavel. Louie Simmons Steve Maxwell... Ugly guys but they know how to get results! Being strong isn't supposed to be simply an companion to hair gell.

-I changed my mind a little about vegetarianism. There were, and still are, a lot of healthy and strong vegetarians. George Hackenschmidt and Jack Lalanne spent large swaths of their lives being vegetarians. What I'm not down with is being a vegan. Old and new time strong dudes eat some kind of animal product. They just didn't eat meat. So, there is a need for animal products in the human diet. Veganism is kind of stupid. Either way, I'll stop eating eggs and beef when they figure out how to grow both on trees.

-Either one of these diets are sub-par as far as I'm concerned but don't get me wrong: both are way better than the fast food junk that most eat on a regular basis.

-While we're on the topic of vegan and vegetarian foods, I want to bring up something: soy sucks. Soy protein-based foods became very popular in the United States in the past 70 years chiefly because of soybean oil's numerous uses, industrial and otherwise. Someone got the idea to feed the defatted soy meal to animals, and people and make some money off of the manufacturing by-product. Often times, it's laced with solvents. In other words, it's like eating a salad using naptha and acetone as salad dressing!

-Come on, bench press junkies: admit that you know that this lift isn't exactly the best thing since Brazilian ass in thongs. Matthiew Hertilus recently did...
But even though I wanted bigger, stronger shoulders, I realized that I needed healthier, more flexible ones even more. I might not have problems now, but given the amount of benching I already admitted to doing, the writing was on the wall...

-So, I've spent some time Zercher Squatting my sandbag as low as I can go. I try to go ATG. A lot of the times, I get it. As I get tired, it gets harder, or I just can't do it. I'm thoroughly tired of listening to people debate how good ATG squatting is or isn't. I think that most don't do it because it's harder than a parallel squat... problem number 1. Based on my experience, there's no issue with the knees as long as good form is kept. Maybe that's problem number 2.

-I love hanging leg raises. No, not the easy ones where you either bring the knees to the chest or the legs perpendicular to the ground. I'm talking about the ones where your feet go over the bar (or the knees. That's good too). I've seen a few people do these with shitty form. They let their body drop back down to the starting position. That's not only bad form but a good way to throw out the lower back. Fix this by doing them on something that challenges the grip more than a bar. Bath towels come to mind. You can't move fast when holding onto these. So, now you have to slowly bring yourself up and slowly bring yourself down, like you're supposed to do in the first place.

-If you have to ask if you're overtrained, YOU'RE NOT OVERTRAINED! Overtraining happens when you're not careful...for a period of time longer than a single workout. If you're asking, you're showing that you're careful, and that you're probably undertraining.

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