Monday, March 14, 2011

Shooting My Mouth Off... again

I remember when I was in high school doing essay writing. The basic idea was to make a point and then spend the rest of the writing to prove it. So, I've written like that for a long time out of a combination of necessity, habit and enjoyment. So, once a in a while, it's nice to just say stuff without having to spend hundreds of words making my point.

So, here goes another edition of shooting my mouth off...

-I'm sick of hearing about "Soviet Training Secrets!" You want to really know what their secret for making some of the most powerful humans alive? They looted the most, and the most useful, steroid information from the Germans in the aftermath of WWII. That's it! It sure as hell wasn't Kettlebells!

-Speaking of Kettlebells, here I am at one of the Bodytribe Kettlebell workshops...That's a shitty smile because it's fake. Holding this thing in a rack position was really, fucking uncomfortable. The handle's too damn short! Were KB handles always this short or are they getting that way so you can do more reps? If so, I take this as yet another sign that kettlebells are starting to get hopelessly "gamey" Why swing endlessly five minutes on end? This is the same high-rep bullshit that dogs BW training.

-Find a strength training fanatic blog. Read it often. I don't think that I'm a fanatic, but I find fantatics' writing highly motivating!Fanatic? Possibly... she's still awesome!

-The perception of lack of stature from being short often times gets filed under the reasons that men turn to building muscle. I wonder if women do the same. I've noticed that a lot of the women that I know of who take strength training seriously are pretty short...I think I'm just looking for reasons to post pics of buff women at this point...

-Superfood is bullshit! It's a marketing term. Superfoods don't exist!!!! Look it up... apples and cherries have as much nutritional value as pomegranate and acai! Hello marketing!

-Along the same lines, I'm sick of hearing about plant foods that are "loaded with protein." "PACKED FULL OF PROTEIN!" Compare most of them to 4-6 ounces of chicken or steak. Some will come close. A couple might surpass. Then again, look at the PER (protein efficiency ratio)...

-Anyone who talks about mass-gaining and barely ever mentions diet is utterly ignorant. Eating counts for more than the movements. It's better to screw it up in the gym a little now and then and get it right in the kitchen. Frankly, mass-gain should alway start with what you're eating and not how you're exercising!

-Ever think of training, in part, as preventative maintenance? I think the few that dare to use the term "funk-SHUN-al strength" anymore screw up. Sports and and manual labor have the potential to be abusive on the body. Training ought to strengthen us up not just to do our thing but to withstand the rigors of that thing. Best exercise I found for heavy shoveling work? Ab wheel roll-outs. I never have a sore back from shoveling since I started doing ab wheel roll-outs.

-You can't buy fitness! How many people go out there and buy tons of shit to work out with and the only thing they lose is money and the only thing that they build is a pile of junk in their basement or garage that they never, fucking use? Getting a good workout is as much mental as it is physical so it's not about what you can lay your hands on.


David Marion said...

Great Post, especially the protein in plant foods. I especially hate when cereals like special K are marketed as high protein, low GI! Eat an egg already and see how that compares.

You know who said...

What ?...No blog post about what you and pierini did in the mens room at 'Body-Tribe' ????

Justin_PS said...

Wonder how long it took you to come up with that line, you slug!