Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Time and Place, Part 2

I can tell that it's one of those days when I haven't drank enough water throughout the day. I'm tiring more quickly than usual and my sweat is unusually salty. It's already made it to my eyes and they're starting to sting. I'm on set number 5 of hip belt squats and I figured I'd use my 30 second break to grab a towel and wipe off my face.

The only problem is the fucking mice made their way into my house for the winter, leaving mouse shit all over my gym towels. Things like this happen when you turn half-finished basement room into a gym. It works but it's hardly perfect. It's certainly not the cleanest until I can get rid of the mice. My ceiling is too low to put any weight, other than kettlebells, overhead. At least I can just barely do pull-ups without my knees touching the floor. To top it off, I had to cram my desk and books into the same area when my son Henry was born.
OOPS! Sorry, kids...
So, I move outside when I need some serious overhead space to work with. A good example is my rope climbing work. I'm still plucking away at my goal to climb my 3" thick rope. It's not getting any more fun though. The temperature's seriously starting to drop and keeping my fingers warm dictates that I move through most of my pulling and pushing sets with some haste, disregarding that my lungs feel like they're a barely-contained explosion.

Thing is, I don't do this work at home. I have to go to our company's shop to use a forklift to get the 15' of overhead space. Finding a clean patch of ground is, well, I gave up trying. It all smells like some variation of shit, antifreeze, dust, gas, and god-knows what else! I just suck it up, throw the chains on my neck, and keep doing my push-ups.

Why not just join a gym? If you're asking this then you're new here or you're just not paying attention. I travel and lately, I don't have any money. You'll find out if you don't have a wife and a kid. Soon enough. Those two reasons make a gym membership impractical. Besides, I hate most gyms. They're fluffy and not very serious. I can get the work done in them, sure, but they're distraction-filled. At least with the cold, smelly ground and the mouse-bordello basement gym, there's no TV, bad posing routines, and people asking me if I'm doing something from P90X.

I decided to do this two-part blog entry for a simple purpose: to demonstrate that there is no perfect time and place. In point of fact, there are times when there isn't even a GOOD time and place. Yeah, you have to mold your life around training your body to some degree but your training is going to have to do the same. This isn't a bad thing unless you make it that way.
Good example of less-than ideal settings to train.

This is all about getting your mind right. If you do that, and not get stuck on the specifics and circumstances, then you'll find that you can overcome any shortcomings in environment and timing.


Al Kavadlo said...

Great post, Justin! I recently discovered your blog and I'm really enjoying it!

Justin_PS said...

Thanks, Al! I appreciate the compliment. You've got some awesome reading too.

Keep in touch and I hope you have a great new year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,
This piece rings true for me. I also have a job, wife and small child, and these days don’t have the luxury of workout times. I grab pushups and pistols in work breaks, sprint to shops in jeans, do back bridges and handstands in play times, and do kung fu practice waiting by cooking saucepans!

I wanted to ask you, I have a limited workout budget, do you think CoC grippers are a worthwhile training device on a cost to results basis, or is bodyweight towel grip and other cost free methods such as tennis ball squeeze as effective, and the value of CoC is more ego based and pounds crush measurement? I ask as I know from your blog you now use CoC grippers. For the same price as a set of three, I could buy, for instance, a 20kg competition kettlebell locally.

Thanks, and happy new year,

Justin_PS said...

I think that they're a worthwhile investment... if you're not oon a budget. If you're looking for the most bang for your buck, I'd hold onto your money.