Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mixing tools up with techniques

I've enjoyed açai for several years but it's only in the past year that it's starting to gain some popularity. So, I figured that it might finally be available in my local organic food store. Now these stores usually go by the title of health food store as well as organic market or something of that nature. In other words, this is a place to go and get healthy, life nourishing foods. We would all agree that organic foods and herbal supplements are more probably more healthy than the generic counterparts. Therefore, the people who shop there should also be far healthier than their fellow citizens who shop at a grocery store for their foods and medicines.

I was so utterly, dead wrong. I was by far the healthiest person in that store. It was full of horribley overweight people, obviously sick, and otherwise unhealthy looking individuals. Even the people who worked there looked flushed, irritable, and gaunt. Put it this way, if they wanted to do an advrtisement for TV and shoot this place as it stood, nobody would shop there if they saw this clientele! I was left to ponder why as I left with my purchase.

After some thinking, I recalled something that I read at another web site. This horribley obese man was listing all of the products and books that he had bought in order to try to get himself into shape and was now asking for help (he had a lot of books that I own too). Then it hit me. Those shoppers at the health food store are just like this guy I read about. All of them presumed that the keys to their health (or aquiring health) was in what they bought.

That is probably the biggest mistake that people make when trying to get healthy and strong. Books, equipment and health food stores are not the way to get healthy. They are merely tools. What people don't realize is they lack the know-how to get healthy and strong. They lack technique. Shopping at an organic food market expecting to get healthy is no different than going to Home Depot, buying nails, a hammer and wood, and expecting to build to be able to build a house.

Now, I have nothing at all against a health food store. After all, I just shopped in one, didn't I? I'm just saying that it's merely a tool in which you can use to get yourself healthy. If you don't have the drive, motivation, and the know-how to get there, that store is not going to help you.

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