Sunday, August 19, 2007

You Don't Like the Taste of Water?

I just can't comprehend how some people can complain about the taste of water. Granted I've tasted some funky water in my modest time on God's green Earth but I'm just stunned by how many people don't like to drink water in general because of the TASTE. It's a basic life necessity. Do these people not like the smell of air and stop breathing it? Besides, just about everything that you drink has water in it anyway.

I was thinking about this when I was listening to Nancy DeVille on the radio here in Vermont and something hit me. It's something that I've always said about proper exercise. Within reason, if you exercise properly you will automatically be able to figure out if what you're eating is good or bad for you within moments. Think about it: If you drank a soda and dropped for 40 pushups, you wouldn't make it to 20 before you realized that you should have never drank that soda. You'd probably be sick to your stomach. That wouldn't happen if you had drank water.

If your exercise is right, you'll crave what your body NEEDS and reject what will harm it. Your exercise should make you in tune to this. So, it stands to reason that these aquaphobics aren't in touch with their bodies. They don't do enough physical activity to stimulate this mind-body connnection (although I'm sure that their fingers are in great condition from all the Gaming and 'net time).

Furthermore, if you establish this connection through proper exercise, you won't have to wait to hear whether ____ (fill in the blank here with a suspect food) is good for you or not. For example, I once tried a soy protein shake. I HATED it. It made my stomach feel weird and it gave me some bizzare, fierce gas. I don't eat it anymore. There's some debate out there about soy but I don't need to let the dust settle to figure out if it's good for me. I already know for myself.

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