Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exercise vs Nutrition? WTF?

Judging by the title of my blog, I’m more of an exercise-oriented guy than a nutrition guy. In matters of health and fitness, people tend to break more in one direction than the other. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see a nutritionist ignore exercise or a personal trainer ignore good nutrition. I may be more of about exercise than nutrition but I don’t ignore the overwhelming importance of good nutrition in my quest to stay healthy and get stronger.

I’ve seen many who look at eating shit food as a reward for their physical efforts at the gym. I’ve seen those who just flat out ignore good eating even if they’re involved in some sort of sport or physical activity. These are both cases of people’s perception not matching the reality of the situation. When you eat junk food, you’re taking the good results of your hard work and flushing it down the toilet to a certain extent. In other words, if you did a 30 minute strength training session, you just gave back 10-15 minutes of that workout. Granted that some are different than others and handle the cheat much better than others but it’s still a set-back to your efforts.

This isn’t something that you can’t argue with. I don’t make these rules because they’re nature’s law. The food that you eat is what your body has to make tissue with. The exercise that you do is the directive action that constructs what you’ve eaten. Eating poorly is like building a skyscraper out of sod. Not exercising is like taking quality concrete and building a chicken coop out of it. You need both to make a healthy and strong body.


Anonymous said...


I like your blog and appreciate your thoughts. I'd like to ask you a question. While traveling I too employ bodyweight exercises, but I have never found a subsitute bodyweight exercise for the pullup/chinup, have you? I guess I don't know any bodyweight exercises for the pulling muscles. I'm grateful for any help!


Justin_PS said...

Ken, thank you for reading. Honestly, I don't try to sub anything for the pull-ups or chin-ups. I still do them. I liked lifeline's pull-up bars that go over the door. Hotel room doors are usually very strong and capable of supporting my weight (175-180 lbs) with these pull-up handles.

I don't think it's the ideal alternative to the pull-up, I do like doing rows on that same door. I grab one of the towels, open the door, and wrap the towel around the knobs. I row from a seated (but not sitting on anything) position. Hope this helps.