Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Eat Boring and Have an Exciting Body"

That title is a line that I wish that I had thought of. Anyone who cruises around bodybuilding.com must have heard of "ChickenTuna". She's the super-ripped 40 year old woman who came up with that line. It's funny how sometimes you hear something that takes on a relevancey that you didn't forsee when you hear it.

What I 'm getting at is a conversation that I had with a couple of co-workers while working out here in California. Someone brought in several boxes of doughnuts for everyone on the job site. Of course, I politely declined while others indulged. This triggered a conversation about eating right versus eating what you want to eat. One of my co-workers talked about how unexciting life if you don't eat stuff like doughnuts, smoke or drink. Then, there's no enjoyment in life.


Sure I enjoy food. I enjoy junk food, whiskey, and a cigar now and then. That doesn't bring me much enjoyment later. It just slows me down in the short term and it puts me a step backwards in the long term. I'll tell you what I do enjoy more.

1. I enjoy that I can get done a day's work without feeling like a corpse.

2. I enjoy playing with my 4 year old godson for as long as I please.

3. I enjoy that my arm muscles finally fill out shirt sleeves and my waist barely filling 30" jeans.

4. I enjoy women checking out my body.

5. I enjoy biking, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, hiking, swimming, etc

Like I said, I enjoy cheating a little here and there but I'm cognizent of the consequences. Frankly, they're just not worth it to me. It slows me down and sometimes makes me feel sick. Over time, I know where over-indulgence will lead me.

1. Overweight.

2. Lacking Energy.

3. Achy and sore all of the time.

4. Sick with a host of dengerative illnesses.

I have to ask those who think that smoking, drinking, and eating junk food is living: How can it be living if it slowly kills you? There is more to life than what we put into it to get enjoyment. Ultimately, all of that exciting eating will have to stop. Otherwise, there are steep consequences to pay. In the meantime, asking the question, "is this good for my body?" whenever we eat is a big step forward in enjoying the more viscral pleasures of being fit: an exciting body.


Anonymous said...

Hey bro good looking blog! You wrote this workout for arms:

Close Grip Chin-ups, 7 reps
Diamond/triceps push-ups, 15 reps
Close Grip Pull-ups, 7 reps
pike push-ups, 7 reps
towel pull-ups, 7 reps
T handle Push-ups, 20 reps

would you just do 1 pass through this circuit or do you rest and repeat for 3 circuits for example? Also how many times a week would you recomend this workout or something like it? Ive been doing a lot of ross's stuff and would like to try some of your ideas as well. thanks in advance

Justin_PS said...

Well, after this circuit I'll do some self resistance or visualized resistance along with some isometrics after i do this circuit. I'll go back to this calisthenics circuit 2-4 times, depending on time constraints. I'm glad that you found some stuff you can use and thanks for visting!

Gubernatrix said...

Good post to read just as I start my next round of dieting!

Justin_PS said...

Glad I could be motivational to you, Gubernatrix. I've got to hand it to you. You have a first-rate blog with some good information. Keep it coming and thank you for stopping by!