Friday, October 17, 2008


Ithasn't been a great few weeks for my body. I was in Bakersfield, California for a week or so. I was supposed to be there for longer until I did something stupid. I put my fingers of my left hand (I'm left-handed) in a pneumatic knife valve that I thought was shut off. Well, IT WASN'T! I ended up getting three of my fingers caught/crushed in it. I was lucky that I didn't lose them. Actually, I didn't even break any bones! I wasn't so lucky a day later when I dropped a 150 lbs pump part on one of them. That severely limited my exercise because anything that caused my heart to start pumping hard would make my fingers feel like they were hit with a hammer. On the upside, I did get to go home.

That injury is almost recovered and now I'm dealing with another problem. I tossed and turned all night in my sleep, ending up on my side, sleeping on my right arm. I woke up with a bad knot just below my shoulder blade. It's brutally painful and it got worse when I fell at work, breaking the fall with THAT ARM! It's starting to come back but I'm still irritated by it.

I've reprogrammed my mind to such a degree that I feel that I'm being lazy when I don't work out. It's a daily routine. It feels like I forgot to brush my teeth or taking a shower. Things happen, I suppose.

It did teach me some things though. Even when I got to a point where I could exercise, I had to work around my aches, pains, and injuries. I'm used to more intense training and doing less felt wrong. It brought me back to what I've told so many others before: anything is better than nothing. Now, I may not like dropping my thumbs out of pull-ups but with a compromised grip, it was the only way that I could do them. It was better than no pull-ups at all.

I just have to remember to adapt and maintain. It's as much about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not getting stuck in a groove.


pierini said...

Sorry to learn about your accident Jason. You are young and younger people heal faster so you'll be back on your fitness saddle before you know.

All athletes have an occasional injury and not all of them are fitness-related in origin.

Keep your pedal to the metal, a well-wish, from your cyberspace fitness brother from a different mother.

Justin_PS said...

Thank you, kind sir. I'm doing a lot better today. I helped set up a ring for our amateur MMA event today and I didn't have any trouble to speak of.

Thanks for the well wish and I hope you're holding up okay.

Upward and onward,

pierini said...

Hi Justin, again.

I just realized I called you Jason in my earlier post. That's what happens when you get older.

You'll get your turn one day.

Despite getting names mixed up once in a while, I'll not be making that mistake on the upcoming election when voting for President.