Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Video Time!

A while back, some of you asked about a few ab exercises that I referenced: the dragon tail and the inchworm. Instead of trying to explain, I thought I'd make a video of them. I also thought it would be a good time to throw in another exercise that I like to do when I need to suck some major wind.

Hope you enjoy and find it informative!


Todd said...

Awesome! I keep forgetting to make an ab wheel, never thought of just using hands. Will be good to build strength for when I do have one eventually.

Anonymous said...

Hey justin
Thanks for sharing these new exercises because I just started university and my workouts are a lot shorter than the used to be and variety is always welcome.


-Workout Warrior

pierini said...

Very good walk the talk video blog Justin. Have a safe trip and return home soon.

Matt said...

Good stuff Justin, I enjoy reading your blog. I wanted to point you to an exercise that I think is a bit more challenging than the last one you showed. I call the one you showed a kick through. This other exercise someone has named a leg swoop. Check out a you tube video on the difference, and tell us if you think the leg swoop is more challenging.

Brendan said...

Hi Justin -I discovered your blog and have been following it for about a month

For progressions on the L-sit...the v-sit, manna, etc check out this article+photos on the drillsandskills page-a gymnastics website