Sunday, January 2, 2011


Someone posted this as part of their status on Facebook the other day. I can't recall who did it or where the quote originated... or if I'm even getting the quote right. Either way, it went something like this: May your New Year motivation last the entire year.

Fitness dominates people's resolutions. Mine aren't much different. Maybe through the rain and fog of binge eating and drinking from Thanksgiving onward we see the fallacy of our self-abuse. Perhaps that's why maintaining our body better becomes a priority. For the dedicated (fanatics?) among us, that's a year-long devotion rather than a fleeting, two week flirtation.

So, To rededicate myself for the New Year, I marched my ass, and my hang-over, down to the Old Rough-Red Gym to accept a simple challenge: 30 minutes, do the most handstand push-ups in that time period. Inverted training and hang-over headaches don't really mix but I still popped out 155 reps in 18 sets.

A good start to the New Year.

So, I've got goals for 2011. I still have a goal left-over and unaccomplished from 2010: the 3" rope climb. Lack of proper set-up, back and hand problems hindered conquering this one. I tell myself that but I function on the basis that there's always a way. I just didn't try hard enough to find it. Either way, that will be finished off. Soon.

I think that I've spent too much time being upper body and core-oriented. I'd like to shift some attention downstairs, to my legs. One goal for this year would be to complete the Steve Reeves Challenges. It's been brought to my attention that Steve Reeves could squat half his bodyweight for 100 reps straight. I'd like to accomplish the same. I've never gotten into Glute-Ham raises due to lack of proper set-up. I'd like become proficient in them. Also, for a "Bodyweight Guy", I consider my single leg squat capacity pathetic and embarrassing. I'd like to get myself better at those.

Then, there's always Demolition Day. How do I let Mike and Andy talk me into this shit?

So, that's my 2011 plans. I hope you've got some good ones lined up for yourself. Always remember that you're capable of more than you think that you can. Don't let the motivation that you have now fade away faster than your New Years hangover. As Zach Even Esh says: KILL IT!

Happy Year Year!


Matt said...

GHR - you have a sandbag, place it over your calves/heels. Do GHR. If you need more weight, stick one of your kettlebells on the bag. Until you are really close to doing the movement, I bet your bag is heavy enough to hold you down.

I have been doing this with bands to assist me. When I can't use my bands, I just use my arms as little as possible.

Hope this helps. Still not a "proper" setup, but where there is a will . . . .

Justin_PS said...

I HAD a sandbag... You won't believe this but I took it to California, wrapped in a contractor bag that ripped and whipped my sandbag, cutting several holes in it!

I'm going to have one made soon. I scored 20 yards of desert camo nylon for free and my next bag will be able to hold about 150 lbs. That should be helpful for what you described.

"Proper set-up" at home will be with some scraps left over from my deck.