Thursday, April 5, 2007

How I made those Rings

I used the following:

3/4" Schedule 40 Pipe
3/4" Schedule 40 couplings (2)
3/4" cap
Pipe glue and primer
sand paper
A turkey fryer
Dutch oven
candy thermometer
metal funnel that fits in the pipe
wood ash
Something round to form the pipe around (a large coffee can would work)

Make sure that you wear all natural fiber clothing. Have some eye protection and some gloves that can take heat. Oh, get something that you can scoop hot sand with.

Start by measuring the circumference around the round object. Cut the pipes to this length. Next, glue one coupling onto each end of the pipe. Scuff the inside of the coupling and the outside of the pipe (make sure that the pipe is clean of all burrs from the cut) lightly, prime and glue. Hold the coupling to the pipe; some glues will push the pieces apart.

Once the pipe with the coupling is dry, cap the other end. DON'T GLUE IT. put a small amount of ash down the pipe. Place this gently in the vice and tighten around the coupling. Don't tighten it too much; just enough to hold the pipe.

Place some dry sand into the dutch oven and heat it over the turkey fryer. Monitor the temperature of the sand with the thermometer. When it gets to 375 deg, it's ready.

Make sure that your work area is organized so you can move quickly at this point without dropping shit.

Once the sand is ready, place the funnel into the coupling and scoop the sand into the pipe CAREFULLY. Once the pipe is full, wait a couple of minutes. The pipe will become malleable and should move as easily as a piece of rope. Don't keep it in too long though. Once you've gotten to this point, dump the sand, take the cap off, clean, prime and glue the end of the pipe, form it around the round object, and slip the other end of the pipe into the coupling. Hold it there for a few minutes. Repeat for the second pipe.

The pipe may buckle a little but it doesn't hurt anything. It just won't be pretty. The bigger diameter the object you form the pipe around, the less buckling will occur.

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