Friday, November 23, 2007

The Bodyweight Files Commandments

I feel as though that there are things about fitness that I keep repeating over and over again. Therefore, I decided to sum them all up as the commandments of the Bodyweight files. They are as follows:

1. Muscular strength comes from intense contraction of the muscles. It doesn't matter where the tension comes from.

2. Breath deeply and powerfully.

3. Don't sacrifice control for speed. Speed-Control= INJURY

4. To manipulate your body, be it muscle gain or weight loss, you must maintain a strict diet.

5. To manipulate your body mass you must develop a level of commitment that the public will regard as fanatical. Ignore this at all costs!

6. Train Everyday. Vary your intensity but never take a day off.

These aren't in any particular order of importance either. I just thought I'd throw them up for people to absorb and keep in mind when putting together a plan for staying healthy and strong.


Anonymous said...

train everyday? that doesn't work well for everyone. Some people thrive on every other day training. Some can train once a week! this has been proven. all the others are great though.

Justin_PS said...

I don't believe in not doing something to better the body every day. I will always agree with Matt Furey on this one: Animals do something to strengthen themselves everyday and they're far stronger than we are, even an animal a fraction of our weight.

There are other benefits to exercising too. One that I find is stress relief. It gets rid of boredom.

I also believe that habits are what make or break us. If exercise is periodically skipped, then it sends the signal that it is an activity TO BE SKIPPED. We don't skip brushing our teeth or taking a shower do we?

That said, if that's what you or anyone else likes to do, then do what makes progress for you.

Leo said...

So tension builds muscle, and contraction builds strength? Or am I splitting hairs...