Friday, November 2, 2007

Never Gymless, a Review

Wow! It's not common to find a book this comprehensive out there. Ross Enamait's book is crammed with more information than the vast majority of exercise books out there. It's a small wonder why he's so widely respected writers and trainers out there. I like how many exercises he has covered in this book as well as variations to make the exercises more difficult should they become easier. Granted, this isn't a strict bodyweight-only book but the equipment he uses to add resistance isn't too exotic or expensive. If you don't wish to use any equipment to add resistance, you can get along just fine with this book.

I really appreciate that this book doesn't just give you the exercises, the routines and expects you to do what is told blindly. The whys of what you're doing is throughly explained. Ross Enamait goes into great detail about the different types of strength, why they're useful, and how to obtain them. The kind of detail that is given here is something that isn't seen a lot and I really appreciate it as a reader.

As much as I'm impressed by this book, I think that there is a few minor shortcomings. I think that this book is definetly geared towards a person who has a more advanced level of conditioning. While there are some beginner exercises, they are somewhat few and far between. Many of the exercises aren't described in great detail either.

This book is also geared towards a person who is training to be a combat athlete, like Ross Enamait is. The structure of the workouts is definetly geared in this direction. While this doesn't bother me (since I do train in Brazilian Jui Jitsu while dabbling in some striking arts) it may turn those who are into general fitness. What I appreciate about Enamait is that he is very honest and says this upfront. This is a minor gripe since you could easily take the exercises and arrange them to your liking.

I have to say that some of the things that he's capable of doing amaze me. One arm pushups aren't my cup of tea but doing a plyometric one arm pushup is fat out remarkable! This guy is in incredible condition! I also like how he gives out information on how to get the equipment or build the equipment that he's using. He definetly brings a can-do attitude to fitness that I love. If you're looking to increase the intensity of your workouts, then I highly reccomend this book.

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