Friday, November 2, 2007

There is one thing that is so badly neglected in exercising by many people, especially by those who are trying to lose weight. I think it's the reason why so many have such a hard time dropping weight. It has nothing to do with diet or the intensity or duration of the exercise that they are doing. It's their breathing. It's just too shallow. It's surprising how many people who I know are overweight and are shallow breathers. Subsequently, I know two people who gain weight easily but lose it just as fast. Both of them are deep breathers in general. I don't think that this is a coincidence. There is some science to back this theory of mine up.

Breathing has a lot more to do with weight loss than many realize. There is a reason why aerobic exercises (as well as high volume calisthenics) are recommended for weight loss. All physical activity can use sugar present in the bloodstream to make the energy molecule, ATP, that makes muscle movement. Aerobic activity can use sugar and fat, which is why it is turned to for weight loss. Still, there is more to fat burning than just doing a moderately difficult exercise for long periods of time.

It's right in the name. AEROBIC! In other words, OXYGEN. You need to be taking in more oxygen into your lungs when you do your physical activity. Otherwise, you won't be getting the second piece of the puzzle in order to burn more fat. I realized this when I see some overweight people struggling to exercise. They lack the lung power. These are the ones who usually have a hard time losing weight.

Think about that if you're trying to lose weight. Are you of doing deep, diaghram breathing? If you're not, chances are you're not stoking your fat-burning furnace to it's full potential. Practice breathing from your diaghram. A good way to do this is by laying on your back in the sit up position with two light objects, one on your stomach and one on your chest. You should strive to move the object on your stomach when you breath. The object on your chest should stay stationary. Once you've gotten the hang of diaghram breathing, make it a point to practice this frequently through the day. Here is another good reason to quit smoking: the impaired lung function won't be doing you any favors.

It has been said before that all creative thoughts begin with breathing deeply. So, to start creating a fearsome physique, start with some deep breaths. It's the first step in creating a healthy and powerful body.

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