Saturday, March 8, 2008

Attention all Disciples of the Fitness World...

So, you either joined a gym or a treadmill and a bowflex so you could get into shape. You saw the "beautifully" muscled, toned and ripped bodies of all those fitness models and decided that had to be you. So, you did what they told you in the fitness magazines. You joined the gym, you bought the equipment, you bought the sneakers and the apparel, you took the supplements, and you bought whatever they told you that you needed to buy.

What if I told you that you have become a pussywhipped bitch to them?

What if I said that you married a gold-digger?

Well, you did both, my friend! They have bled you dry and lied to you the whole time in order to get some money out of you. When they told you that you couldn't get strong without weights, they lied to you. When they told you that you only get muscular endurance and not strength from calisthenics, they lied again. Lied and collected their gym membership fees as well as the fees for that personal trainer that you hired.

Let me tell you about my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class. I've been going there for almost 7 years. If there is one thing that I'm known (notorious?) for is being bullishly strong. When I was 154 lbs, I was confused for being 170. At 180 lbs, I can overpower men with 30 pounds on me. All of these years I have been strength training with my own bodyweight! I'm telling you right now, it's very doable to get strong without weights. Don't be fooled!

Oh, we need to chat about those supplements too! I did gain a significant amount of muscle mass over the past year. I didn't use any of those supplements. You don't need them. You need a sound eating plan. If you ever believe someone talking about getting big with weights without discussing how to eat more, you might as well bend over! You've just taken advice from a hack. If you don't eat more, then you won't gain more.

Let me tell you something else interesting about whey and casein, two favorite protein supplements. They BOTH come from milk. So, why are you spending $32 for both when you could just drink a $4.50 gallon of milk? You know, Vince Gironda drank milk to gain mass. So did a lot of bodybuilders before supplements were the standard. It worked for me. It will work for you too!

Oh and those bodies that sell the supplements are made with steriods, not with the supplement that you're buying. Keep that in mind too!

I could keep going but I think that I've shown something here: These people are more interesting in making money off of you then getting you into good shape. Some of them are narrow-minded and don't think objectively. Don't let yourself get into this rut. If you're in, GET OUT! You don't need stuff to get into shape. In fact, you need very few things and you probably have most of what you need already. If you like to lift weights, then God bless you. Do what you please. I'd rather you do that as opposed to nothing at all. If you don't want to spend that kind of money, you don't need to.

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