Monday, March 10, 2008

The Science and Metaphysics of Exercising

I can see a sort of sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious differences in BW training. There are guys out there who would prefer to focus on the science that we know about our bodies and how to train them to guide ourselves when deciding how to train. Others prefer to be a bit more metaphysical, often drawing on things that we can't prove but understand just the same.

This can be troubling to some and I can relate. Some people are inexplicabley wacky and to talk to them it's hard to take them seriously. They also happen to be the more unimpressively built people as well. These are the people who need to listen to some hard facts and not trust themselves. They're not connected.

Still, there are limitations to science as well. there are things that we can understand without knowing. When we know something is right or wrong, do we really need the science to understand why? Science didnt' provide a tangible link between cancer and ciagrettes until the 1950's. George Hackenschmidt declared tobacco to be a worthless and dangerous weed in 1900's. This is what metaphysical thinking in physical culure at its best.

This isn't to say that science has no place in training. What I'm getting at is about knowing something without actually being able to explain why. If you know your body then you'll know right away whether what you just did is or isn't good for you. You may know be able to explain it but you your instincts are so well honed that you don't need to be told why. This is should be one of your main goals of training: self mastery. You will get to that point only when your mind and body work as a team rather than two seperate entities. This isn't whackiness. It's a heigthened state of self-awareness.

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