Saturday, March 8, 2008

No Good Way to Exercise the Lower Back Without Weights?


Yeah, I read that on a Bodyweight Forum not too long ago. Apparenlty, Bodyweight is good but it just can't substitute for the back building abilities of the various deadlifts. It was uttered and repeated several times too. I didn't chose to respond to it at the time. I just didn't know where to start with a retort to that statement. Fortuately, I do now.

When I hear things like that, I have two reactions:

1. So, what if I can't get to a weight? Am I screwed?
2. You're full of shit.

I despise the notion that you need to be tethered to equipment to get yourself into shape. If you can't get to that equipment, then what? Do I let myself rot on the vine until I can get to it? The key to exercising for life is, in my opinion, to make it a habit (preferabley a daily one). The key to maintaining it is to not skip it for a prolonged period of time. So if you've made yourself totally dependant on stuff that you may not get to, then you break the habit! This is counterproductive. This goes for the lower back. You need to have a plan to get your lower back strong. Then you need alternatives. You may need alternatives to alternatives. Ultimately, it comes down to having a positive, can-do, WILL-DO attitude.

It also comes down to being truthful and knowledgable to some degree and the people who say that you can't exercise the lower back without a weighted deadlift exercise are full of shit and/or fucking liars. You could do wall walks, reverse pushups, leg lifts, torso lifts, leg AND torso lifts, and different bridging work to get your lower back into great shape.

If you're about to mention that you can't add extra weight and that calisthenics are good for muscular endurance and not for strength then you've got a massive hole in your arguement. You see, your lower back consists of muscles that are predominantly slow-twitch fibers. They need to be this way because the light but constant tension is what keeps your spine alligned properly. If you train heavy then you will make your lower back functionally WEAK.

So while you may like to impress the girls and the fragile-egoed men with your deadlift, you're not training your lower back muscles properly by hoisting 400 lbs off the ground with a dead lift. If you think that there is no other alternative, then you're lying and/or cheating yourself. You've just been enlightened here. It's up to you to re-evaluate what you're doing and make some healhty, sound choices about your health and strength.


Anonymous said...

You realize you sound like a total tool right? Deadlifts can be very productive exercises just as bridging can and theres no reason to slam weight training to fit your fragile little ego. But FYI supermans, bridging, hyper extensions and wall walking are all excellent ways to build up the lower back- weight free. I agree with you but you come off like a douche.

Justin_PS said...

For some reason, I love reading people flame and/or insult me on the internet, even if it's on my own blog.

IMO, the real douches and tools are the ones who insult, flame and ridicule behind the veil of anonymity that the internet provides. That is fragile ego and cowardice. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't say it on the internet, IMO.

Still, thanks for reading and I appreciate your comments, anonymous. It means the world to me.

Many Hugs and Kisses,

Anonymous said...

Your very welcome. Just because you sound like a douche doesn't mean you are one. you are probably a very nice person who gets their point across in a very poor manner. I'm not even disagreeing with you. I'm letting you know that when people read your writing instead of coming away with helpful info, they'll be thinking "Wow, that guy is an angry d-bag" But hey if thats how you like to write, its a free country more power to you.

Justin_PS said...

I don't know what to say other than to tell Parker and Dave that I said hello.

BTW, if you think that was douche like, get ready for what I have up coming up.

Love and Joy,

Anonymous said...

Deadlift are dangerous uneffective exercises. We all known that bending at our waist to pick up object is a wrong motion to avoid, in favour of squatting. Just because you call it an exercise, the same exact dangerous motion doesn't become magically safe and effective.

Sam said...

I am a fan of deadlift exercises. That being said, I do not recommend it to someone with lower back problems but only to someone with a healthy lower back.

I do however feel that done properly, with light weight when just starting out, can slowly add muscle to the area and act as a preventative measure down the road.