Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kelly Pavlik and the Spirit of the Bodyweight Files

I recently read an article about boxing middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik in Sports Illustrated. Among the many facets of his life written about in this very interesting article was about his strength training. He trains at the Ironworks Gym in his hometown of Youngstown. The faded, ex iron industry building converted into Pavlik’s dungeon has few, if any, of the normal trappings of a gym. He trains by doing pullups off an old fire hose, he lifts blocks of concrete and rail iron, and he flips 400 lbs tires.

Even though he’s using weights (unconventional ones, but weight just the same) to develop his strength I find it fascinating as well as inspirational. He’s working with what he has. He’s not laying around thinking that he needs machines and piles of free weights to get himself in shape. H works with what he has and makes the best of it. He’s adapting, improvising, and overcoming with what he has. More specifically, he’s succeeding at achieving his goals.

That’s the founding principle of the Bodyweight Files. I don’t want anyone to think that you need special stuff to get into shape (If you want stuff, that’s a different story). In fact, you don’t need stuff at all when you get down to brass tacks. All you really need is some knowledge, determination, and inspiration. If you gave me nothing but a 6’ long hallway, I’ll figure out a way to exercise effectively. I even have done decent workout sitting in an airplane seat! I can use a wall and get a good workout or I can workout without my back touching the floor. This kind of can-do, will do mindset combined with the knowledge of how to work and the desire to make it work can yield great results and accomplish any fitness goal that you look to achieve.

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